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 Military Presidents

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PostSubject: Military Presidents   Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:16 pm

Quote :
PresidentServiceRankActive Service
Barack ObamaNoneNoneNone
George W. BushTexas Air National GuardFirst LieutenantStateside service during Vietnam
Bill ClintonNoneNoneNone
George H.W. BushUnited States
Naval Reserve
LieutenantWorld War II (1942-1945)
Ronald ReaganUnited States Army Reserve, United States Army Air CorpsCaptainStateside service during World
War II
(1942-1945); Army
Reserve (1937-1942)See
List of
United States Presidents by military rank
and Ronald
for more information on military service.
Jimmy CarterUnited States NavyLieutenantWorld War II at the United States Naval Academy Sea
duty and stateside service 1946-1953 during the Korean
Gerald FordUnited States
Naval Reserve
Lieutenant CommanderWorld War II (1942-1945; discharged in 1946)
Richard NixonUnited States
Naval Reserve
CommanderWorld War II (1942-1945)
Lyndon B. JohnsonUnited States
Naval Reserve
Commander[1]World War II received Silver
medal after airplane he was riding in was attacked by enemy
John F. KennedyUnited States NavyLieutenantWorld War II received Navy and Marine Corps Medal and Purple
Dwight D. EisenhowerUnited States ArmyGeneral of the ArmyStateside service during World
War I
. Served as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe
during World War II (1942-1945). Visited troops in Korea in December 1952. Entire
career spanned from 1915 until 1952.
Harry S. Truman[2]United States Army, United States Army ReserveColonelWorld War I (1917-1918); was then transferred to the army reserve and
retired in 1953.
Franklin D. RooseveltNoneNoneNone; however Witnessed World War I while serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy
in France
Herbert HooverNoneNoneNone; however he did help guide US Marines in 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion
Calvin CoolidgeNoneNoneNone
Warren G. HardingNoneNoneNone
Woodrow WilsonNoneNoneNone
William Howard TaftNoneNoneNone
Theodore RooseveltUnited States ArmyColonelSpanish-American War
only U.S. President to receive the Medal of Honor (awarded posthumously in 2001)
William McKinleyUnited States ArmyBrevet MajorAmerican Civil War
Benjamin HarrisonUnited States ArmyBrigadier GeneralAmerican Civil War
Grover ClevelandNoneNoneNone
Chester A. ArthurNew York State
Brigadier GeneralServed as quartermaster general before and during the American Civil War (1858-1865).
James GarfieldUnited States ArmyMajor GeneralAmerican Civil War (1861-1863; left the
army to serve in the United States House of
Rutherford B. HayesUnited States ArmyMajor GeneralAmerican Civil War
Ulysses S. GrantUnited States ArmyGeneral of the ArmyMexican-American War
and American Civil War; served 1843-1854 and 1861-1868.
Andrew JohnsonUnited States ArmyBrigadier GeneralAmerican Civil War; served as Military Governor of Tennessee
in 1862.
Abraham LincolnIllinois State MilitiaCaptainBlack Hawk War (served three months in 1832); see Abraham Lincoln in the
Black Hawk War
James BuchananPennsylvania State MilitiaPrivateWar of 1812
Franklin PierceUnited States ArmyBrigadier GeneralMexican-American War
Millard FillmoreNew York State
MajorAmerican Civil War
Zachary TaylorUnited States ArmyMajor GeneralWar of 1812, Black Hawk War, Second Seminole War, Mexican-American War;
entire career spanned from 1808 until 1848.
James K. PolkTennessee State MilitiaColonelNone
United States ArmyCaptainWar of 1812
William Henry HarrisonUnited States ArmyMajor GeneralNorthwest Indian War, War
of 1812
Martin Van BurenNoneNoneNone
Andrew JacksonNorth
Carolina militia
, United States Army
GeneralAmerican Revolutionary War, War
of 1812
, Creek War, First Seminole War
John Quincy AdamsNoneNoneNone; however he was a witness to Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 and reportedly was a
non-participant in a Naval Battle between a British Ship and a US ship
he was on with his father during the American Revolution.
James MonroeContinental ArmyMajorAmerican Revolutionary War
James MadisonVirginia militiaColonelAmerican Revolutionary War, did
not see action
Thomas JeffersonVirginia militiaColonelAdministrative position, did not see action. As governor of
Virginia, fled during British raid to avoid capture
NoneNoneAdams served as chairman of the Continental Congress's Board
of War
(1776-1777), making him the simultaneous equivalent of
today's Secretary of Defense and Chairman of Senate Armed Services
Committee; was a semi-participant in a naval engagement between a
British and US ship during the American Revolution.
George Washington[3]Virginia militia, Virginia Regiment, Continental ArmyGeneral of the ArmiesFrench and Indian War, American Revolutionary War
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Military Presidents
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