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 If you're just looking around...

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PostSubject: If you're just looking around...   Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:17 am

Hey, in case you want to see what it would be like here before you make a decision, feel free to play around a bit.

I haven't done much here, just threw it up quickly last year when I thought we might need a place to go. One thing's for sure - these smilies really need to be redone. lol

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PostSubject: Re: If you're just looking around...   Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:50 am

I'll demonstrate the video embed by stealing a Will Forbis blog.

Quote :
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So I was over at the house of a friend of my brother's this weekend and he pulled out a CD by a band I'd never heard of called Toy Matinee. We listen to it and I thought it was fairly interesting poppy prog rock. I looked them up online and found the story behind the band quite fascinating. It was mostly driven by the main songwriter and singer, a musical prodigy named Kevin Gilbert. Gilbert took part in the jam sessions that led to the recording of the first Sheryl Crow album --- he was even dating her for a while until she became super successful and dumped his ass. He also did work for number of other big stars and recorded a solo album. But when a friend of his came over to his house to tell Kevin that he had gotten the opportunity to addition for Genesis, the friend found Kevin dead. What was the cause of death? Autoerotic affixation. It was even reported that when the guy was kneeling by Kevin's dead body there was a postmortem ejaculation and the corpse jizzed in the guy's eye and he ran out into the street and was hit by a car.

Okay, I made up the last part. But I'm sure that has happened somewhere.

Anyway, here's the video from what I guess was the main single off the album. It's not bad.
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The Spleen
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PostSubject: Re: If you're just looking around...   Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:50 pm

works for me :pirate:
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PostSubject: Re: If you're just looking around...   

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If you're just looking around...
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