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 The Blind Side

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PostSubject: The Blind Side   Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:32 pm

Good movie about a wealthy white Southern woman (Sandra Bullock) who takes in a poor black boy into her home and makes him a part of the family (Tim McGraw plays the dad). A lot of touching and moving moments, as LeAnne Tuhy and her new "son" deal with the underlying issues of inter-racial interaction and mother and son relationships. It's based on a true story. I can see why Bullock received accolades for her performance, as she plays a role that strays from her usual chic-flick, ditzy woman or lame suspense movie roles. She does an excellent job of portraying a complex and at times confused woman, who ventures into risky territory, both familial and cultural, to give a helping hand to someone in true need. The actor who plays Michael Ohre, the adopted son, is OK. Country singer Tim McGraw is surprisingly good, although his role did not demand more than being an upbeat and supportive dad.

There is an undelying sexual and racial tension, as the adopted son is huge and physically powerful, and Bullock has a beautiful young daughter, whom I believe is singer Phil Collins' daughter. The potential for consensual or a non-consensual realtionship between the two is touched on. Oddly and surprisingly, in a scene near the end where Bullock and her adopted son are reconciling after a major misunderstanding, Bullock is wearing a sleeveless dress with pleating in the breast area that makes it look as if her nipples are constantly erect. One cannot watch this scene without thinking if this is the moment that Big Mike loses his restraint and attempts something. Maybe that's just me.

Bullock's other kid is a 10-year old who is hysterically funny throughout. Sadly, whenever I see these child boy actors who have somewhat funny features, which makes them appropriate for the current role, I can't help thinking they will end up like McCaughley Caulkin - nowhere.

Anyway, my greatest disappointment with the film was the lack of a scene where two men are masturbating each other. I think any conscientous director would have found an appropriate time and location for this quintessential aspect of American cinema. Under the bleachers during one of the football game scenes? In the school cafeteria? Perhaps Blind Side, the Sequel, will make up for this defect.
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PostSubject: Re: The Blind Side   Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:36 pm

You are REALLY weird. Laughing
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The Blind Side
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