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 Karl gets divorced

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PostSubject: Karl gets divorced   Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:08 pm


So what did Mrs Rove find out about dear old Karl? Where there love letters to Jeff Gannon in those emails? Why are the conditions of his divorce sealed? What is he hiding?

Interesting. On the heals of 22 million once thought lost emails Rove ends up in divorce court. If you are not aware, Karl Rove has built his career in part by accusing political opponents of being closeted gay as Mr Rove played the "family values" card to his advantage to become one of politics sharpest and most feared political hitmen.

Speculation: It has always been a mystery who Jeff Gannon was sleeping with during his 200+ visits to the White House which included many overnighters. If you recall Jeff Gannon ran an escort service for gay male prostitutes, including pimping himself, and at the same time acted as a plant in the White House press core where he asked questions that allowed the administration to get out its various talking points de jure. The idea that Gannon had somehow slipped through White House security undetected using a false name was always very hard to believe.

I could care less about Roves sexual preference but what is egregious is when politicians like Rove demonize gays and claim to be holier than thou family values supporters when in truth they are massive hypocrites. Rove used real Christians and real Christians values to build a very successful career while pushing lies about opponents, creating false rumors like he did to McCain in 2000, blatantly corrupting our legal system, exposing an undercover CIA operative as an act of revenge and if it turns out he was sleeping with Gannon ( and i always thought it was Rove), that act of hypocrisy is the topping on a very dirty, very corrupt and morally bankrupt cake.

Time will tell if the American people get access to those emails. Given the special treatment people like Rove enjoys ( like ignoring federal subpeonas unpunished), but it's doubtful. Maybe Mrs Rove will write a tell all.
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Karl gets divorced
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